• An Entrepreneurs Right Hand Man!

    For English speaking entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.
    We do your accounting, take care of IT and provide financial, legal and tax advice. Obviously as digital as possible for efficiency and growth.
    So you can focus valuable time and energy on your business!


  • Bookkeeping Service

    Do not worry about accounting or taxes while you always have control based on your figures.

    IT services

    Although IT is no rocket science, many entrepreneurs do not have the time or affinity. We would love to help you.


    Tax Advice, M & A, Financial Planning, Human Resources from Recruitment to Exit, Legal advice, LOI and contracts.

  • For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

    Tailored to your wishes with a personal service and targeted advice.

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    Digital yet Personal

    English speaking entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

    Although our main Service Team is located in Groningen, we work from and serve the whole of the Netherlands. Video calling was very normal for us even before Corona. It is efficient, flexible and yet personal.

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    100% satisfaction guarantee

    Cancel subscription each month

    Are we not meeting your expectations or are we not satisfied for another reason? Then you can always stop. Our team only wants satisfied customers! Therefore you can cancel your subscription each month,

  • Agnes (IT Concultancy):

    "Working with 100digital is great. I always have the latest figures and they are super helpful and quick with answering my questions."

    Fred (E-Commerce):

    "I experience 100digital as attentive and perceptive. When things are missing in my administration, they contact me and offer support if necessary. They are easy to reach and I experience the collaboration as pleasant."

    Kereshma (Secondment):

    "100digital always thinks along well, they pick things up on time and take the time if I have questions. They give me the confidence that things will work out and go well within my administration."

    Yasin (Electrical Engineering):

    "Due to the collaboration with 100digital, my accounting is always in order and it gives me peace of mind because I know that everything is taken care of. This also allows me to focus more on running my company. They always think along with you and are very solution-oriented so that you as a company have everything in order so that you can grow."

    Jules (Asset Management):

    "I really like the platform! It's really nice to be able to leave all the details of the accounting to you, so that I can focus on my work myself. It's also very useful to have a group of people to whom I can ask my accounting questions as I'm still very unfamiliar with it myself. I always get a quick and clear answer, that helps me get back on track!"